Xupler is all about sharing the learning of my tryst with the startups – marketing, analytics, culture and job. The motivation behind Xupler is same as what has helps the human growth – share to help others grow, avoid mistakes, and build on learning acquired.

We are open to guest post. If you are interested, just drop a line at ajiteshleogmail.com.

About Author


Hey Folks,

I am Ajitesh, the guy behind Xupler. I am an engineer, a marketer by profession, a finance lover and a fitness enthusiast.

I Head Marketing and Analytics at Fitso. I love writing, and I am an active contributor on Quora and part of many publications on Medium.

I am Chemical Engineering graduate of IIT Delhi, 2013. At IIT, I was involved in Entrepreneurship Club and Board of Hostel Management.

After graduation, I worked for 2 years in KPMG in strategy consulting, advising business. I was interested in playing role in building¬†something significant from scratch. That’s why I chose Fitso. I handle marketing and analytics here.

I am an avid cyclist and runners, and I enjoy reading non-fiction a lot.